Facebook Exchange

Our site is advance facebook like/comment/share/follow exchange using access token . which will help in fast exchange we provide 250 likes per submit to unlimited.

Anti Spam

Our Website Is 100% safe and spam free. we dont use your account to share anything.


Our site is trusted by thousands of people and we never let them down.

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    Why should I Post in Public?

    We need your Status to be in public because you will be geting likes from the users who are not even in your friends list, and even you know, so its necessary to post in public. If not public you wont get likes from our site .. so check your post privacy before using the site

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    What is an Access Token?

    Access token is a code that our application will use to get access to your facebook account and give you likes. note:- Access token can be used to post a status, comment, spam and many things, so don't share your tokens to anyone or any site which is not secure..Our site is 100% secure we dont use your tokens wont spam .. Access_token can't change password or anything so your account is safe from hacking

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    Why Should i Enable Followers?

    Its because this application will work in public, public can be set when you are 18+, and so if you allow followers its obvious that you are 18+. If you are not 18+ just make update it like that

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    Do my ID get Block by using Fb-autolikers.com?

    No we dont spam likes Others, So your ID will not be blocked or anything, we are safe at every edge.

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    What is this site?

    we are a advance facebook exchange site which helps you exchange your likes/followers fast and secure with no problem

About Us

Fb-autolikers.com is a site which provides free exchange service for lifetime we provide many tools and working on new tools for your needs




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